Camp Ooch is a magical place of friendship and fun where kids with cancer can just be kids! 2,400 kids currently affected by childhood cancer can’t go to Ooch. We need your support so that 50% more kids can say #OochIsMyPlace.

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Ed Robertson and the Barenaked Ladies wrote a song for Camp Ooch. Download This is My Place here.

Ooch is a Place where kids can...

Accomplish anything

Without Camp Ooch volunteers, Amy’s cancer medication would’ve kept her from a three-day camping trip with other Ooch Campers. Instead of missing out on all the fun, Ooch made sure Amy experienced the adventure of a lifetime!

Anything is possible at Amy’s Place.

A group of campers rowing canoes in the lake
Three young campers peering through a window

Make new friends

At Ooch, Andrew found lifelong friends that define him by who he is, and not by the loss of his sister to childhood cancer. Trying new things and playing with other Ooch campers helped Andrew feel good and have fun.

No one ever feels alone at Andrew’s Place.

Learn and grow

Even in knee-high, shoe-stealing mud, Alia found new confidence and determination during her first Leaders In Training portage. This soggy adventure taught Alia that Ooch Campers are unstoppable when they work together!

Challenges are no obstacle and leaders are made at Alia’s Place.

Three young campers getting ready to zipline

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Send kids to Ooch

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